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Media Strategy

You can’t grow your business without a plan. It’s our job to research what will work best for your business model, whether that’s TV, radio, print, or online. We’ll put together a plan to reach potential customers and clients using our unique insight into the local media mix.

Media Buying

In order to get the greatest value with local media, you have to know local media. We can help you maximize the return on your investment and reach a wider audience using our vast knowledge of local media, as well as negotiating the most efficient rates and quality added value for your advertising dollar.

Broadcast TV/Radio/Website Creative & Production

Represent your brand the best you can with professional production and creative services for TV, radio, print and web. From concept development and scriptwriting to field direction and postproduction, we’re there for you every step of the way. See examples in our portfolio...

Brand Identity

We can help you establish a cohesive look, feel and voice that connects customers to your product or service.

Image Building

Brand image takes your product, service or business and gives it emotion, connection, and heart. Help any audience connect to your message with a strategically targeted image-building campaign.

Website Design

Your website is your first impression. Effective web design is clear, attractive, functional, intuitive, and brand cohesive. Create an ideal interactive experience with a customized introduction to your business.

Search Engine Optimization and Pay-per-click

It's frustrating to see your competition listed higher than your business in web search results. A careful, organized and properly executed SEO plan is essential for your web site to show up as high as possible in organic search results and, if you are after new local customers, the new Google Places. We'll develop a plan designed to get your website moving up the rankings and past your competition.

One of the fastest and most effective ways to get qualified prospects to your web site is PPC (pay per click). We set up and manage a Google Adwords and Bing Search campaign that will generate cost-effective leads based on your business goals and marketing budget.

Public Relations

We believe in an honest and transparent approach that speaks to the media who speak to your target audience.  Every client, outlet, journalist, editor and blogger is unique, and we approach each in a strategic, personalized and interesting manner to create amazing visibility that is consistent with your brand message and corporate goals. We harness, build and solidify your social presence, growing the number of brand ambassadors, and thus incremental sales, through positive buzz, whether it be friend-to-friend to disseminating a press release.

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